Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rest in peace, little buddy...

For those who had a chance to meet or get to know Gunther over the years, I just wanted to let you know that he passed away on Tuesday night, February 28.

His death was strange and sudden. Upon post-mortem examination, it turned out that Gunther may have had a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).

HCM is known as an "evilly capricious" disease as it can go undetected for years and then manifest itself seemingly out of nowhere. In Gunther's case, a blood cot had formed cutting blood flow to his abdominal region. Within hours, he died of sepsis (bacterial poisoning).

This heart condition is somewhat rare among cats older than 5 years. In many ways, Gunther was fortunate to have had nearly a decade of good feline times.

Gunther was an uber-cat, big in size and personality. He had a way of charming even those callous types who'd say "I don't normally like cats". Maybe it's because Gunther had a natural (even dog-like) rapport with humans.

Most of all, he was a loyal and affectionate companion to the very end. There won't be another cat like Gunther.


Please feel free to share your remembrances...

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Blogger Mustapha Mond said...

That sucks, guys. I'm very sorry. As much as I'm allergic to cats (and dogs, and everything else) I've always loved my pets and I know how bad it sucks when one dies.

After a while I'm sure you'll find another cat to bring happiness into your apartment. He won't be able to replace Gunther, but he'll add to your string of happy pet memories.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Jarrett said...

So sorry!

No doubt he's off chasing mice and bugs and little bits of fuzz, all the while listening to the CBC, somewhere off in a cozy corner, waiting for you guys to rustle the beads that hang in the doorway between Cat Heaven and People Heaven.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Michka's guys said...

Bernice we feel for your lose, allow yourself the time to remember the time that you spent together. The special bond that we have with our pets is one that should be also allow time for grieving.

Long after you left Banff with Gunther, Michka would still check out the backyard to see if Gunther would be out so that they could taunt each other. If the 2 of them only knew how close they were to one another with just one wall separating them we could have had some real trouble.

They come into our lives enriching our souls providing comfort and yet when gone we miss them so.

Hugs Luke and Rori.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Saori said...

I didn't expect to hear about Gunther's passing away. It was too early for him to go but his calm and cool attitude must be what carried him so far with his illness.

He always wanted me to play, so one day I chased him from one end of the house to the other. He ran so fast I couldn't keep up, so I cut him off as on his way back from the corner of the living room. But he wasn't going to get caught. There was only one way out; there was a tiny little window about five feet off the floor that lead to the roof. He suddenly bolted and leaped through the window. But this time there was a big glass shell in that window. I watched as he tried to twist around the shell. His foot just grazed it and shell rolled out of the window. Gunther rolled out of the window with it. I heard a loud crashing of glass almost three floors below. Then silence and no Gunther. I went to look out of the little window and there was nothing. A moment later, I heard little scratching sound at the other window in the living room, it was Gunther pushing the window open at the other side of the roof. I think it was about two or three days before he wanted to be chased again.
From Tomas

I am so shocked to hear about this. I never expected. Gunther was always cheerful & thoughtful cat. He gave me lots of smile & cheerness. When I was sad, he always came to me and stayed beside me to cheer. He knew how people around him feel.
Bernice, It is very very difficult to accept, but I really hope you hang on and get through this. I share the feelings with you.
From Saori

10:13 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I got the opportunity to get to know Gunther pretty well in Montreal, as his official "cat-sitter".
He liked coming for his little visits and checking the back courtyard area.
Gunther was an explorer, yet you never had to worry about him... he never strayed too far from home.
It was always an adventure having him over. I enjoyed watching as his imagination ran wild and he'd bolt around the house as if being chased by some terrifying creature. He was strong, yet sensitive. Gunther always enjoyed a good cuddle, while his naughty side always enjoyed a good spanking!
A personality that always surprised, he truly was one Cool Cat.
Goodbye Gunther, you will be missed.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Bernice came into my life through Conan, I was of course excited to get to know her, and Gunther, I the possibility of getting to know you was a major bonus. You surpassed my expectations: on this earth you were an original, an instant powerhouse. I only had the pleasure of meeting you twice, but you were already en route to becoming the most important cat in my life, as I got to know you better through stories from Conan. On our last visit, after you assessed "the Creature" as not yet worth your time, I was relieved that you didn't write me off too, but waited until he was safely at the other side of the house to curl up with me on the bed in the study and sooth my sleep-deprived, christmas-cooking frazzled nerves with your big, sweet body and satisfyingly thick, silky fur. I've always thought boy cats were second rate, but your mperious elegance and air of tantalizing mystery had me begging for some attention. I know we would have grown closer, given more visits. This is too soon. I will miss you.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Hee said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Bernice, you and Gunther had a real bond between the two of you so you must be really hurting right now. It's true he was a unique cat, it's sad to hear that his time came earlier than we would have expected.

much love, Hee

2:14 PM  

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